Roald de Boer

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Crazy Lesbian Anal Fun


YUMI, a Japanese girl
MISTY, a blonde girl


[living room, the two women are sitting on a couch, MISTY in black bra and panties on the left, YUMI in white panties and a silver necklace on the right]


MISTY: Hello!

YUMI: Hello, what's your name?

MISTY: My name is Misty, what's your name?

YUMI: My name is Yumi

MISTY: Hi Yumi!

YUMI: Nice to meet you

MISTY: [starts giggling]

YUMI: [repeats] Nice to meet you

[they shake hands]

MISTY: Can I have a kiss instead of a handshake?

YUMI: Yeah

[they start kissing]

YUMI: You're lips are soft

MISTY: Thank you, you're good

YUMI: How old are you?

MISTY: I'm nineteen, I just turned nineteen

YUMI: Really?

MISTY: Yeah. How about you?

YUMI: I am twenty

MISTY: You're twenty? You're also young, you're just a year older. We're both babies

[they start to stroke each others thigh]

YUMI: You like playing with girls?


YUMI: You like to lick pussy?

MISTY: I love to lick pussy, how about you?

YUMI: I like it. You like to fuck ass? My ass?

MISTY: You want me to fuck your ass?

YUMI: Yeah

MISTY: I'll fuck your ass, baby. Just because you're heart throbbing. Just for you, Yumi

YUMI: I like to fuck my asshole

MISTY: Let's see your ass

[YUMI gets up from the couch and turns around, MISTY pulls YUMI's panties down, spreads her ass cheecks and starts rubbing]

MISTY: Ooh, it's nice.

[MISTY starts sliding her hands between YUMI's buttocks and legs)

MISTY: Here baby, get back on the couch

[YUMI takes a seat on the couch again, while MISTY helps to remove the panties from her ankles]

MISTY: Yeah, we don't need those

YUMI: I don't want those

MISTY: You're gonna take off?

YUMI: You want me to take off?


[YUMI takes off MISTY's top and starts to caress her breasts]

YUMI: Mmm, nice boobs

MISTY: Ooh, thank you

[YUMI starts licking MISTY's right nipple]

MISTY: That feels good

YUMI: Take off your...

[MISTY stands up and takes off her panties, turns her back and bends over, leaning on the couch]

YUMI: This butt... You like to be spanked?

MISTY: Yeah, hit it, I think I've been a naughty girl

[YUMI slaps MISTY on her ass]

MISTY: Ooh yeah, put me in the corner

YUMI: Nice butt

[Yumi strokes Misty's butt and slaps her again]

YUMI: Nice, you like it?

MISTY: Yes Yumi, I love it!

YUMI: Ah, you like it

MISTY: More please

[YUMI strokes and slaps once more]

MISTY: Ooh, you like you're ass pinked?

YUMI: Yeah, you wanna fuck me? Fuck me!

[now Yumi turns around to bend over on the couch, MISTY starts slapping her ass]

MISTY: Yeah, nice ass

YUMI: Thank you, you've got a nice ass too

MISTY: Which one...


[MISTY is holding a blue beaded anal plug and is spitting on it, YUMI is kneeling down on the couch]

MISTY: Oh yeah

[MISTY inserts the plug in YUMI's asshole]

YUMI: Oh my God... Yeah, just like that! Oh my Lord!

MISTY: Look at your ass. You want me to keep going baby?

YUMI: Yeah

MISTY: That feels good?

YUMI: Yeah

MISTY: I'l twist it around. Feels good ha?

[MISTY pushes in the anal plug deeper]

YUMI: Oh my God

MISTY: Oh yeah

YUMI: Feels good. Fucking good

MISTY: Oh yeah, mmmh. Oh yeah

YUMI: Oh, oh my God

MISTY: Look at it, cause it's all the way in there

YUMI: Oh, oh, oh

MISTY: Look at that!

[MISTY starts to pull out the anal plug]

YUMI: It's fucking good

[MISTY pushes the anal plug back in, fluids - lubricants? - start dripping from YUMI's ass]

MISTY: Does that feel good baby?

[MISTY is now moving the plug up and down, faster and faster]

YUMI: Oh yeah

MISTY: You like that one popping in and out?

YUMI: Yeah, oh yeah, oh my God, yeah

MISTY: Getting off on that, baby?

YUMI: Oh yeah

MISTY: Yeah, oh shit

YUMI: Oh, oh, oh

MISTY: Coming out, feels good baby

YUMI: Yeah, fuck me in the ass, oh my God, fuck my ass, bitch

MISTY: That feel good?

YUMI: Fuck my ass, bitch, fuck my little ass, yeah, oh


YUMI: Ah, ah, ah, oh yes. Fuck my little ass, yes

MISTY: Fuck your little ass? The way it is

YUMI: Fuck my little ass and pussy and all

MISTY: You want that dildo on your pussy too?

[MISTY gets a purple dildo and slides it into YUMI's pussy, YUMI takes over the anal plug]

YUMI: Yes! Ah, ah, oh my God

MISTY: Baby, your pussy is running wet!

YUMI: Oh my God, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh my God. Oh yes! Oh, it's fucking good!

[MISTY starts kissing YUMI]

MISTY: You like that?

YUMI: Yeah

[MISTY slaps YUMI on the left butt four times]

MISTY: Come on, move that blue toy. Come on get the beads in your ass

YUMI: Ah, ah

MISTY: I think I like these Japanese girls

YUMI: Ah, ah. Yes. Oh, Father


YUMI: Oh my God. Oh, oh

MISTY: Yeah, look at that pussy!

YUMI: Oh, fuck me bitch!

MISTY: Fuck, I'm your bitch. I'll be your bitch, Yumi

YUMI: Ah, oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh

(Misty takes out the dildo and spreads Yumi's pussy lips)

MISTY: Look at that pussy, look at that pink pussy

YUMI: Lick my pussy

[MISTY starts licking YUMI's pussy]

YUMI: Lick my ass

(MIsty takes out the anal plug and starts licking Yumi's ass)

YUMI: It's good, what?

MISTY: It's warm!

[YUMI turns around and takes a seat on the couch, her legs spreaded]

YUMI: I'm so wet

MISTY: You're so wet, it's good


[MISTY is sitting on the couch, her legs in the air, while YUMI lies against the couch with her legs towards MISTY, crotch to crotch]

MISTY: [dildoing YUMI] Oh fuck

YUMI: [dildoing MISTY] Oh yeah

MISTY: Oh shit, oh right there!

YUMI: Oh yeah, fuck me, oh

[the dildo slides out of MISTY's pussy]

MISTY: Here baby let me help you. Oh yeah, that's it Yumi


MISTY: Oh, fuck


MISTY: Does that make your pussy hot, bitch?

YUMI: Oh, yes

MISTY: Yeah, you fucking Japs are fucking kinky

YUMI: Oh yes, ah, ah, ah

MISTY: Fuck my pussy bitch

YUMI: Oh my God

MISTY: Just like that! Now get it out fast

YUMI: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God

MISTY: Oh fuck! Rub on my clit like that, baby! Yeah, yeah that feels good

YUMI: Fuck me, bitch, yeah

MISTY: You like it when I go fast like that, don't you?

YUMI: Yeah! Oh my God, oh, oh, oh

MISTY: Rub your clit!

YUMI: Oh my God!

[MISTY pulls the dildo out off YUMI's pussy and bends forward]

MISTY: See what your pussy tastes like, bitch? [puts dildo in YUMI's mouth] Eat it! Eat that sip! You like that?

YUMI: [her mouth full] I like it

MISTY: Let me get more juice on that for you

[MISTY puts the dildo back in YUMI's pussy]

MISTY: Look at that pussy! Ooow!

[MISTY spreads YUMI's pussy lips]

YUMI: Oh, yes, fuck my ..., oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

MISTY: Taste that sip! How does it taste?

[MISTY puts the dildo back in YUMI's mouth]

YUMI: [her mouth full] Good!


[YUMI and MISTY are standing in front of the couch, MISTY slaps Yumi on the ass]

MISTY: You like that, Yumi?

YUMI: Yeah

[YUMI goes to lie down on the couch, her legs in the air, blue anal plug in her left hand]

YUMI: Make me come, fucking bitch!

[YUMI inserts her anal plug, MISTY kneels in front of her, spits on the purple dildo and slides it into YUMI's pussy, then starts to move it up and down really quick]

MISTY: You like it fast like that? You gonna come right there?

YUMI: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh yes, yes, fuck me more!

MISTY: What you said?

YUMI: Fuck me more!

MISTY: Yeah, I like how you say that

YUMI: Oh, oh, oh, oh, make me cum. Make me cum, bitch!

MISTY: I like it when you do that

YUMI: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh my God, oh yeah, oh, oh

[MISTY starts to breathe heavily]

YUMI: Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh my God I'm coming! Yeah, oh, oh, oh

MISTY: You look so hot

YUMI: Oh, oh, oh

[MISTY pulls out the dildo and sticks it into her own mouth, licking it, then offers it to YUMI]

MISTY: You wanna taste it?

YUMI: Yeah

[YUMI licks the dildo while MISTY starts licking YUMI's clit]

MISTY: I like Japanese girls

[MISTY starts kissing YUMI]

YUMI: Feel fucking good! I like you

[YUMI takes out her anal plug and offers it to MISTY]

YUMI: You wanna taste my plug?

MISTY: Off course baby

[MISTY starts licking the blue beaded anal plug]

YUMI: Good girl!